Mother Soulstice provides an opportunity for the community to come together for a unified mission to support women and families in the postpartum period.  Together, our voices are amplified, our outreach is broader, and our community of mothers is stronger.  There are many ways to be involved with our community events.

For sponsorship information, please contact Conni Navarre info@mothersoulstice.com


"Mother Soulstice 2016 brought together everything/everyone a new (and seasoned) momma needs - support, community, healers + healthy living guidance, love, empathy, fun, inspiration, wine and dancing. Conni created a place where women could be vulnerable, open and share the truths about their own journeys without judgement. The resources for postpartum, birth and self-care were phenomenal and I can't wait for 2017!" - Whitney Mack, Macks Mo

"I had such a beautiful experience at Mother Soulstice 2016. The event was beautifully curated to feel like a warm hug for every mama that walked through the doors. All of the sponsors provided unique content and offerings for the women who came and embraced the varying stages of motherhood. The space itself is gorgeous and offered a lovely space for women to walk around the tables, mingle, get drinks, and dance! I appreciated the wall hanging for mothers to write on, offering fond memories and tips for motherhood. Dr. April Bolding's talk brought all of the women together in a "me too", celebrating who we are as women and mothers. I look so forward to attending the event this year, meeting new women and connecting through our strength in motherhood." - Mandy Jankus, Radiant Spirit Coaching

Spring 2018 Sponsors

April Bolding | Phoenix Heart ARISE™

Dr. April Bolding, PT, CCE, CD is devoted to elevating and empowering women through healing, celebrating and reminding them of their power and light. She is the creator of the Phoenix Heart ARISE™ Pelvic Health Program, a holistic healing kit that guides women to health and more optimal pelvic floor function. It was created to help women prepare for childbirth and heal after birth as well as heal from pelvic trauma, pelvic pain, surgery, prolapse and leakage. It is a firm step toward getting women the compassionate pelvic care that they've deserved for generations. April also sees women in her Women's Health Physical Therapy practice for compassionate, one on one care.

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Massage therapy is much more than treating a muscle. It provides an opportunity for healing on many levels. I love practicing as a massage therapist because it allows me to express creativity, tailoring treatments to each individual client, to problem solve using clinical skills and to work on a personal level to support my client’s needs.

I believe that who we are as a practitioner is a collection of our experiences and learnings. I keep up to date with massage and doula care continuing education to better serve my clients with a comprehensive understanding of the body and therapeutic techniques to relieve both of their emotional and physical discomfort.

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Katie Spataro | Sacred Womb Services

Katie Spataro is a mother and doula who works across the full spectrum of pregnancy experiences including miscarriage, abortion, birth and postpartum. Her practice utilizes ritual, touch, breath and movement to tap into the wisdom of our bodies to support our personal and collective healing journeys.

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Meg Heather Ford | An All Women’s Doula

Meg Heather Ford has been working in the realm of women’s health for the past 12 years, first as a licensed acupuncturist in the UK where she birthed her own babies and co-founded a community based acupuncture clinic, and more recently as a certified birth doula drawing on her training in Chinese medical arts such as acupressure, moxabustion and placenta encapsulation to help expectant parents prepare for and recover from their experience of birth. She is trained to provide support across the full spectrum of reproductive health needs from miscarriage, pregnancy loss and abortion, to birth, postpartum and menopause.

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Swedish Center for Perinatal Bonding

Being a new mom is hard. Possibly the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do. If you feel anxious or depressed, or if something just doesn’t feel right, know that you’re not alone. The Center for Perinatal Bonding and Support offers mental health treatment programs for pregnant women and mothers of young children who are experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, or other emotional distress that make it difficult to function at home or at work, care for themselves or their baby, and/or bond and connect with their baby. Part of the Center for Perinatal Bonding and Support, the Day Program is led by psychiatrists and therapists who specialize in caring for new and expecting moms. We welcome new moms to our supportive community where you can speak openly and get help for symptoms including sleeplessness, uncontrollable worrying, emptiness, not feeling like yourself, intrusive thoughts, anxiety and more.

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Jasmine Bay | Bay Bodywork & Botanicals

Jasmine is a Midwife and Licensed Acupuncturist. She offers acupuncture, herbal knowledge, nutritional advice, and education for women’s health, fertility, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and babies. She joins her understanding and respect for the normal progression of life cycles with the ancient tradition of Five Element Acupuncture to offer a unique and profound way of creating change and health. Her core belief is that women’s bodies are wise, and if energetically nurtured will naturally find balance from the inside out.

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Christie Holtzclaw | Embodied Wellness for Women

Christie Holtzclaw, LMT, PCD(NAPS), is a licensed massage therapist and certified postpartum doula offering nourishing wellness services to growing families. She specializes in in-home massage therapy and a holistic postpartum care approach that features restorative bodywork and nutritional support built upon a foundation of mindful self-compassion.

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Kintea Bryant, M.Ed. | PEPS

Find connection, resources and support in a PEPS Group. PEPS has more than 30 years of experience facilitating community, connections and parent confidence in the early weeks and months of becoming a new parent. PEPS Groups are fun, social, and facilitated by trained leaders. We make it easy to connect face-to-face with new families near you. Daytime or evening groups are available. Financial assistance available.

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Early Days Support Groups

Early Days uses the MotherWoman format to facilitate an honest discussion of the realities of parenting. ​ Trained facilitators work to create a comfortable environment for folks to share whatever is going on for them, free of judgement or advice.

You are not alone! All parents (birth, adoptive, foster) of infants 0-12 months-old, and parents of toddlers 1-4 years-old who experience challenges are welcome. Come join a circle of parents that are having similar feelings and challenges! Support people and partners welcome!

We are a Perinatal Support - WA Affiliated Group!

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Body Motion Physical Therapy, LLC

Body Motion Physical Therapy is dedicated to helping women have pain free pregnancy and accelerated recovery to get back to active and busy lives without limitations. Dr. Allison Feldt is the owner of Body Motion Physical Therapy and specializes in women's health. Body Motion Physical Therapy is a concierge practice and visits are brought to the home or office. Some of the offerings include: prenatal nurture, prenatal tune-up and postpartum restoration visits to help moms get the care they deserve.

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Bodies for Birth

At Bodies for Birth, we specialize in women's health and fitness, focusing on pregnancy and postpartum services. We offer group training and one-on-one training for all stages of motherhood and levels of fitness. We focus on mind-body preparation, holistic wellness utilizing evidence based research and building community through collaboration with like-minded professionals. Students share stories of friendship and community, of comfort and strength in pregnancy, confidence in delivery and ease in postpartum recovery. We have a strong emphasis on LOVE, so there are always plenty of sweaty hugs to go around!

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Juice Plus+, Darcy Birkeland, Health/Wellness Ambassador

The USDA recommends adults eat 7 to 13 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Most people don't come anywhere close. Clinically proven Juice Plus+® helps you bridge the gap between what you should eat and what you do eat, every day.

Tower Garden gives you more control over your family’s health by making it easy to grow fast, fresh, and nutritious produce.

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Seattle Therapy, Lesli Desai, LICSW

Lesli Desai is a Clinical Social Worker providing individual, couple, and family therapy. She has been working with children and families in various capacities since 2000 and almost exclusively in perinatal work since 2012, working with women from infertility and preconception, through pregnancy and perinatal loss, and the transition to parenthood and beyond! By encouraging curiosity and self-compassion, she works to empower clients because reaching out for help is a sign courage, not weakness. With courage, comes strength, hope, and authenticity - and ultimately a life you can be proud to live. She is also a trained facilitator for Bringing Baby Home, Circle of Security Parenting, and Listening Mothers.

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Thresholds: Workshops for love, marriage and the baby carriage.

Our workshops are a blend practical instruction and emotional guidance for you and your partner. Designed for thoughtful couples who want to experience more respect, joy, and passion in their relationships.

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Dr. Marisa E DeLisle, Northwest Family Chiropractic & Massage

Dr. Marisa E DeLisle is a second generation Chiropractor who has been in private practice since 2001. She has been practicing in Shoreline WA since 2004 and has enjoyed building a family practice with a focus on natural health. After having her daughter in 2010, her practice made an organic shift towards working with pregnant women, women trying to become pregnant and woman who were healing postpartum. Currently, Dr De Lisle partners with many other local providers who are helping women achieve a healthy pregnancy and postpartum recovery, healing and support.

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Young Living Essential Oils, Becci Olmstead

I want to share these amazing oils and oil infused products with everyone I meet. I want them to know how powerful using natural oils and products in their home are for health and wellness for themselves and their families. Young Living is the World leader in Essential Oils. And their quality and potency can't be matched. They are are a gift that are given to us from the earth.

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Good Grief, Jennifer Kaiton & Catherine Keating

Good Grief is a collaboration between Jennifer Kaiton and Catherine Keating. Through gentle yoga, music, and story sharing, Jen and Catherine create mini retreats for mothers looking to find peace in body, mind, and spirit after a pregnancy or infant loss.

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Asha Blooms

Asha Blooms makes positive intention jewelry for people in need of hope, strength, peace, or celebration. Be kind to yourself or to a friend. More than just jewelry, it's wearable hope.

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A big THANK YOU to our 2017 Mother Soulstice Table Sponsors!

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy | Phoenix Heart ARISE

MANDY JANKUS: Radiant Spirit Coaching
Empowerment Coach | Brene Brown Daring Way Facilitator

SWEDISH: Center for Perinatal Bonding and Support

PEPS: Program for Early Parenting Support

KATIE SPATARO: Sacred Womb Services
Birth Doula | Postpartum & Post Loss Care

Birth Doula | Body Work | Placenta Encapsulation


Massage Therapist | Birth Doula

Hilary Paris | Whitney Mack

Dr. Arika Dortero | Dr. Emily Livengood | Dr. Emily Lesnak

Prenatal & Perinatal Yoga

Massage Therapist

Certified Coach for parents

Shamanic Sessions

MAGGIE BOLTON: Beauty Counter

SHARON MEAD: Young Living Essential Oils

MEGAN HOSKINSON: Full Moon Yoga Birth
Yoga Instructor | Childbirth Educator | Birth Professional

KATIE PUMPHREY: Mama Earth Doula
Birth Doula | Placenta Encapsulation

Suma Isis Sekgametis | Reiki Practitioner