Join us on June 19th

In a time when it seems the world is telling you to “Get Back” to your body - your life, we will explore ways to move forward into motherhood with acceptance and grace. In honor of the Summer Solstice, a change in the season, we will take pause to attune more lovingly to the changes within ourselves.

Join us for an educational and motivational talk by Dr. April Bolding, PT and then connect with the inner you through movement and dance lead by professional dancer and mother, Kisha Vaughan. The event will kick off with a social hour along with access to rituals and services that nourish your mother-self.

This is a free community event!
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"I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated the Mother Soulstice event in June. It was a GAME CHANGER for me! We went together with our littles who were only 2 months old at the time! I loved hearing all the mother's stories, and it was so comforting to be in such a supportive environment during this huge transition in my life."
- Bri

"I attended the Mother Soulstice last year and had a wonderful time. The event is what inspired me to pursue my postpartum doula path. So this March, I completed the Postpartum Doula training with Simkin Center at Bastyr! I am very excited for the next Mother Soulstice event!" - Laura

"Mother Soulstice is an event I look forward to all year! The compassion, raw truth regarding motherhood and female energy is inspiring and healing. Gaining information from all the exhibitors helps me better support clients and myself throughout the year. Overall, this is a great event to laugh, cry, dance, be pampered and heal!"
- Tiffany

"Last year's Mother Soulstice event was empowering, educational, and fun! My favorite part was dancing with all of the ladies - it felt amazing to reconnect with my body and rediscover my love of dance!" - Meghan

"After a traumatic birth experience and a very rough introduction to motherhood, I found Mother Soulstice to be wonderfully nourishing for my soul. Connecting with other moms and hearing their stories helped me heal and gave me hope for the future. I look forward to being at the next one" - Hilary


We encourage you to come as you are and come for yourself! Gussy up or down. We'll be doing some dancing so wear shoes to move in.


Please align babysitting as only babes in arms can attend.


Free parking is available in three nearby lots that are located at the intersection of Corson Ave S. and S. Carstens Pl.